Pastor and Church Team



Andy Lund is our part-time Pastor. 

He preaches at our services and carries out pastoral duties including visiting church members and others in the community.

You can find out more about how Andy became our Pastor in this Garstang Courier article.

Our Deacons are appointed on a three-year basis and make decisions on behalf of the church members in day-to-day operational matters. Each of the Deacons has a specific role in the life of the church.

 Kathryn Joel is one of our newest Deacons.



 David Cornall is responsible for organising the Preacher schedule.
He also organises the Prayer Meetings.
 Kevin Kelsall runs the Youth Club and Youth Link. And is our current Chair of Deacons.

 Valerie Cornall (right) is the Church Secretary.
She runs the Sunday School class for our youngest members as well as helps out at Adventurers.

Karen Townley (left) is our Church Treasurer.
She also runs a Sunday School class for 11+ year-olds.

Grace Holland runs Adventurers, our after school group for Primary School-aged children. She also organises the Holiday Club that takes place in the summer holidays.
Ken Kelsall is the Sunday School Superintendant along with his wife Sheila.
Bob Cornall is our most recently-elected Deacon. Bob Cornall, Deacon



Colin Cornall is responsible for the audio-visual and IT system in the chapel.



Peter Snook is also a new Deacon and is responsible for our website

To contact Pastor Andy or any of the Deacons, please use the form on our Contact Us page